Super scary Slender remake


  • Slightly scarier than Slender
  • New objects such as railroad, playground, buildings etc
  • Simple to play


  • Doesn't innovate enough on the Slender concept

Very good

There have been several attempts to remake scary viral sensation Slender but maybe few as scary as the free game SlenderMod.

The developers of SlenderMod say they intended it to be a simple modification of the original Slender game but ended up creating a complete remake of the game in the form of SlenderMod. SlenderMod looks and feels very much like Slender but has been tweaked with graveyards, railroads, playgrounds, screams, heavy breathing and all round scarier sound effects to pump up the fear factor.

SlenderMod follows the same principle as Slender - you have to collect 8 creepy pages saying things "He watches you" and "Help!" before the tall scary freak that is Slenderman can mash-up your brain by suddenly appearing out of nowhere and telepathically incapacitating you. The controls are simple:

Movement: WASD
Orientation: Mouse
Pickup Notes: Left Mouse Button
Sprint: Shift

SlenderMod feels a little larger than Slender probably because there are a few more scenarios like railroads, playgerounds and a few other buildings thrown in. It also does a good job of making Slender slightly scarier which is more than can be said for most attempted remakes. However, it would still be nice to see a Slender remake that innovates a little bit more on the Slender concept.

If Slender scared you, then you'll probably find SlenderMod even scarier. If you're interested in more games like this, don't forget to check out our video review of the best Slender remakes.




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